Seattle Tour Spring 2015

by Throwing Rocks

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(this song is about class war) bomb the fuck out of chveron, let's get the dirt out, let's get the crap out in the open, i always thought i'd be a little more far away, (imagine if they) annihilate our existence like no more thrillhouse, no more 1234go and you got, nothing left you're left out on the street gentrification - got rid of raider nation, when techie assholes are not willing to share, their stocks are in the air. gentrification - was always their intention, so fucking join cuz the crooks are out to play, they're gonna sell your bay, and guess who's gonna have to pay i wouldn't go and fight in vietnam if i could simply kill my boss, it's not the workers slaving in iraq that make my life feel so much worse, went to my boss asked for a decent wage he cussed me out and slammed the door, we talked about it and we organized and now the fucker's on the floor
(this song was written in 2005, it's about the fucking assholes that control the world and would stop at nothing to extract more wealth from anyone, they would sell war, sweatshops, and disease just to make another buck) I woke up and everything turned black when I realized we’re slaves for big corporations So why didn’t I try? why didn’t I use my mind? Since I was young, they got me to be addicted to Starbucks coffee Nike shoes, the nice clown wore never a frown as they’re bombing Afghanistan, I was hanging out in Clovis and writing this song Now I live a life but I wanna die because I’m giving all my money to the cunts that already own fucking everything, they own the planet so I guess I shouldn’t try to make this world a better place cuz they’re leading us towards the end so no! I don’t wanna get played and "no (shoppingmall) anorexic plastic barbie is gonna tell me who's punk" I know they’re not
Blood Money 01:48
(this song is about donating plasma) stick my skin and lay in bed,lay back and rest my head blood money’s coming soon bad jokes and TV shows, my cycle’s much too slow blood money’s coming soon when I’m walking to the door, and my arm it feel real sore, i just can’t figure out why, I keep coming back for more, when body fluids are just a product to sell off, the resource keeps renewing, and it’s kind of hard to stop college kids and bums alike, business men saving for more flights blood money’s coming soon, nobody gives a shit about hemophilic kids when blood money’s coming soon when I’m walking to the door, and my arm it feel real sore, I just can’t figure out why I keep coming back for more, when body fluids are just a product to sell off, the resource keeps renewing and it’s kind of hard to stop extra cash in exchange for your time, and body fluids but hey you will not mind, when you’re drinking all that cheap beer you bought, we know you cannot really stop ‘til you're dry, ‘til you're dry, ‘til you're dry, ‘til you die
(this song was written in 2013 when we still barely knew anything about the disastrous TPP and it was kept a secret from the public) Remember SOPA when they said surveillance's all we really need? You need Obama watching over your shoulder cuz you smoked a bunch of weed? Remember hearing that your wages are secure but it's austerity you're selling to the poor, you fuck! The fuckers hide it from us all because it's just a piece of shit, when the World Bank and the IMF are as always sucking each others dicks, would it surprise you then at all when they ram it down our fucking throats? Unless we blow our snot on the TPP, wipe our asses with TPP, set on fire the TPP, Obama you're a fucking pig. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, please tell us what they got in it, Walmart is coming, run for your lives, they'll have you slaving in minutes
(this song was written in 2005 about the lack of radical politics in a certain punk scene) I look outside these walls, this thing you call a scene, a bunch of assholes screaming bullshit shouting "Unity", uniting with your friends is just like eating when you're full and I'm so fucking fed, I'm fed up with the kids they're fighting for no cause, you dress up like a clown now you're expecting grand applause, if the struggle for a better world's got nothing to do with punk, I'm clocking out at 5. I'm sorry that it ended up this way but I know this shit was better yesterday. I'm getting tired of explaining, not gonna vote to rule myself, I go to shows, it's just lovely, is there nothing left to fight?
(this song is about suicide) Jon Williams is dead, he tied a rope round his neck and jumped off a bridge, I found out the very next day it was on rice road, i was in frisco. Jon was my best friend we used to smoke in his truck blasting Supersonic/Punk in Drublic, and then when September came, it never was the same. Always thought it would end up this way, 18 year old and drinking all day/21 and we're drunk every day. that shit was fucking nice, let's go to Jenny's house, the beer is free we'll laugh at stupid bros, but now you're cold as ice, we won't go to Jenny's house, you knew you could have called me on the phone, you're leaving me and ryan on our own.
(this song is about the fascist scum running wild on the streets of Israel, it was written in August 2014 when the Israeli military was bombing the shit out of Gaza, resulting in more than 2,000 casualties and over 500 children) dislike assholes, dislike cops, not a fan of the ruling class, but if there's one thing that I feel, one hatred that's for real right, wing, right wing nazis


released June 27, 2015

Recorded in 12 hours and mixed by Bob Vielma // March 2015 in San Jose, CA

Artwork by Paige Ferro-Becker


all rights reserved



Throwing Rocks Oakland, California

Bay Area Punk Rock

Nate - Drums
Nick - Guitar & Vocals
Becker - Vocals & Bass

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